3XP Biodynamic Chardonnay 2017



Creamy & Fresh 3XP (Trois-X-P) - Pearce Predhomme Pender - is a small-production Niagara Peninsula Chardonnay collaboration between négociants Nicholas Pearce & Will Predhomme with vigneron Paul Pender. 3000 bottles & 150 magnums made. This wild ferment Chardonnay is 100% certified organic & biodynamic and is produced with minimal intervention & élevage. Their strive to show the delicacy, tension, & purity of expression of Ontario-grown Chardonnay with this small-production collaboration. Brilliant straw colour, youthful, light-intensity aromas of white peach, green apple, citrus, with delicate integrated subtle lees. Bright lemony acidity on the palate, round mouthfeel, & refreshing. A clean, fresh, & distinctly Ontarian-style Chardonnay. Ideas for pairing 3XP? This rich Chardonnay calls for all shades of seafood and fish: spaghetti with clams and tons of parsley... or even pork tenderloin! It's also wonderful as an apéro wine.

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